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[Hi]I’m Paul and I love to design anything from websites to banners to making environments for video games. I relish any challenge that’s thrown my way and make it my own. If you require any information on any of my services or simply want to know more about me feel free to get in touch.

Before I started properly getting involved in design I was creating video games…

I got a first class degree at The University of Derby (in video game development) and I then went on to work in the Video Game Industry for almost three years, unfortunately the company, like many others at the time, went into administration. Being made redundant caused me to rethink what I wanted to do as a career. I now create games as a hobby whilst pursuing the graphic/web design as a full time job. I couldn’t be more passionate about both of these fields and finding new ways to break any technical limitations that accompany them.

Have a look below to see what software I’m best at or have a look at my Résumé for more information on what I’ve done and more importantly where I would like to go.

Illustrator 100%
Photoshop 100%
HTML5 & CSS3 95%
Wordpress 90%
3D Software (Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Z-Brush) 90%
Indesign 85%
After Effects and Premiere 75%

What can I do for you?

My Services

Web Design & Development

Creating websites from the initial brief to the final article is something I love doing. I have created websites that range from single page websites to sprawling e-commerce shops. I have experience with WordPress, Drupal and Magento but can also build sites from scratch.

Graphic Design

I’ve created signs and graphics for a manner of different businesses. coupled with my past experience in production level 3D modelling I can create anything from packaging to renders of your favourite building.

Branding & Marketing

I’ve re-branded Tennants UK Ltd over the course of a year from what was a grey and dated look to what is now bright and corporate. Part of a companies branding is thinking of new ways in which to take their identity, modernising and using knowledge in the specific industries to rise above their rivals.

3D Modelling & Rendering

Starting my professional career as a 3D modeller making production level video game art allowed me to gain the experience to look into high quality rendering platforms and architectural visualisation.


Artwork and Projects

Dual Reflectives

Dual reflectives is a distributor of personal protective equipment linked to Tennants UK and the website was created to reflect both this and the Viz Reflectives websites
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Clothing Designs

When I get tired of wearing the same clothes I try and spend some time designing artwork for clothing, predominantly t-shirts. Very rarely do I actually get anything printed but here are some of the ones that I like.
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Poison Pod Room

I first helped to create the Poison Pod room as part of the Moonraker Mountain Base when I was working at Eurocom, this is a level from 007 Legends. I have since however (using the concepts from the original game) re-created this level in all it’s glory in the Unreal...
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Castle Black

Castle Black is a passion in more than one way, I read the book series A Song of Ice and Fire well before Game of Thrones came out but the visuals and ingenuity of that series gave me the inspiration to create this version of Castle Black
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Dagobah Swamp

When Luke Skywalker crashes onto the swamp planet of Dagobah he set’s up a camp in order to establish some form of base. Below is the fruits of his, and my own labour
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Goldeneye 007 Reloaded

The projects that I was most involved in whilst working at Eurocom were the Goldeneye and James Bond Series’. I created the Military Archives in our bespoke engine in this time. The images are from both the single and multiplayer levels
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Tennants UK Ltd.

Tennants UK is a small company trading in Reflective products such as vinyl, road signs, hi-vis garments and number plates. I was both project manager and architect for the website production
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Glevering Mill & Golf Course

Glevering Mill Golf Course went through a large overhaul in 2014, new marketing material was necessary. I’ve recently completed production of their website too. It can be seen here.
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